life happens

Am I being naive? Here is the situation…

Man and woman meet on app. Great conversation ensues. Trading of photos, family values, and current situations. The time comes to finally meet. Something comes up and plans are cancelled. Rescheduled, cancelled. Rescheduled, cancelled. Every reason for the cancellation is legitimate. Contagious strep, hitting a deer, and a tournament where he is the coach. We recently discussed the series of events. He doesn’t not want to reschedule due to the possibility of his son being sick. It may be something serious from what it sounds like.

I understand life happens. I am the type of person who gives the benefit of the doubt. I trust when the time is right to meet it will happen. Just now is not it. Perhaps I am setting myself up to be upset at a later date. Does anyone else ever take people at their word still? Or am I allowing myself to be walked on?

Dating at this time and age is annoying. I want it all right now. This very minute. Fall in love, be with someone who loves me for my faults as well as strengths, me and you against the world. Considering this cannot happen, we keep trucking on.


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