Baking open house

So every year about a week and a half to two weeks before Christmas I plan a bakeathon. All my friends and family know about it. My house pretty much becomes an open house for 5 days. I provide food, drinks, and conversation. People can come and go as they please. They do not have to help me bake unless they would like to. At the end of the five days everyone that came, along with others, get a tin of Christmas cookies.

The only one thing I ask of these people, is that they give me an idea on what days they think they are going to come. This is so I can plan for what I’m making for food. I’ve had 20 people RSVP that they are coming out of 39. Only 6 of them have told me when they’re coming. A majority of those six are coming on the same evening. I don’t understand how hard it is. We know our schedules, we know what we have to do, don’t say you’re going to come unless you really are. And give me an idea, even if you don’t want to eat my food that’s fine.

It is just frustrating. I love playing Hostess which is one of the reasons why I do this every year. It has gotten harder now that I’m by myself but I use this as a way to see everyone. Not all my friends run in the same circles or necessarily like eachother.  I also do this because it makes me feel good to provide for my friends and family on occasion. Baking is also one of my hobbies so to do it for 5 days straight is really enjoyable for me.

Are my guests being inconsiderate? Or am I just being a whiner LOL


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