Dating appcapades #2 CJ

So, it’s my first meeting off of the dating app. He seems really cool. He’s a cop so has a little bit of that bad boy mystique that I love so much. We meet at karaoke. He doesn’t sing but that’s okay with me. Had a great time talking and getting to know one another. Set up another date for the coming weekend.

The day of the date is upon us. A bunch of my friends were going to a charity Rock concert and we were going to go with. Date started out great we met there. Decided early on in the night that afterwards we were going to go back to his place. That meant I was going to leave my car at the bar and he was going to drive. Well, knowing that I could actually drink, I consumed a couple. Not drunk just happy tipsy. The next thing I know all of my friends, myself, and CJ are at the bar next door. My girlfriend who is super wasted, is ordering everybody shots. And then she tries to leave with another girl. Now normally we wouldn’t care. But the problem was is that her current girlfriend was at her house waiting for her to get home. So, the friends we all try to Wrangle her up and make sure that she doesn’t follow through with her actions. CJ is trying to help. In the midst of all this, I get a phone call from another gentleman. This happened to be a person that I wasn’t interested in dating but I was just having fun with. And being tipsy and distracted I answered the phone like an idiot. When he asked who it was, I told the truth. I wasn’t going to lie to him about it. Friend goes missing. We figured out that she left with the other person. Elsa girls are all talking outside. When I turn around to go back in, the bouncer tells me that I am not allowed. Told me I was too drunk. I told the bouncer that my date was inside and asked if I could go get him. He said okay we went inside and CJ was gone.

So my first date off of the app ended with me being tipsy, alone, and really pissed off.

We did not have another date.

Next week teaser: PN – You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met….


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