Dating appcapades #3 PN

PN I met on the app. Now he was way out of my league but I swiped right anyway and so did he. He was gorgeous. A man’s man, Perfect Teeth, and very fit. We started talking and met up. It was the first time that I was 100% honest about what I wanted and who I am. We told stories, confidences, we could relate to one another, and not to mention the time in the bedroom was absolutely amazing. He made me feel beautiful and wanted. We only went out in public together 4 times. We shared an affinity for superhero movies. The fourth was to a water ski show. We’re under the agreement that we weren’t official however if one of us were to see someone else we were to let the other person know. So the last time we hung out together, we went to a movie. It was his birthday. I had planned something special for his house afterwards. It included a little outfit, some food and definitely needing a shower afterwards. All throughout the movie his behavior was odd not once did he put his hand in the popcorn at the same time as I. Never put his arm around me. Barely was talking. We get out to the car afterwards and I broach the subject of going to his place and he tells me no. Now that’s the first time he’d ever said that to me. Every single time he’s called I’d always came over. And the one time that I don’t want him to say no he does. I was really disappointed. We spoke the next day and I confronted him about it. He told me it was unfair to me to sleep with me. All because he was dreaming about his ex girlfriend. Now i felt that was a load of crap. He then proceeded to tell me that I am absolutely the nicest girl he’s ever met and he couldn’t continue the relationship that we had because it wasn’t fair to me. 

So there ended that. 

Until next week: TJBW – could he really be all that I’ve searched for


3 thoughts on “Dating appcapades #3 PN

  1. Great post! You are a good writer!
    Here is my opinion as a guy … when my last relationship ended, I was not in the greatest mood. I knew that I was not over her (even though I did not want to be back). I tried online dating and simply was not interested in anyone or anything. I decided to take time off. I cannot call his excuse as a good one or bad one, but it’s a bit late. May be it’s just a load of crap. But one thing thats for sure … he really missed out.
    Btw: this is how my last relationship ended: after dating for over 2 months, I got a text message, something like “Trust me, you don’t want to have a relationship with me. I am not capable of having one. Sorry”.


    1. Crappy way of ending things. I have recently decided to take time off myself. I feel that if I cannot get myself excited about seeing or hearing from someone everyday (no matter how great they seem) I am just not invested. Maybe one day someone will just fall in my lap and it will feel right but who knows.

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  2. True. It is crappy, but life happens. Can’t be upset at the sky if it rains. Its just part of life.
    For me, taking time off would reset my mind (I hope) and give me a chance to figure out what do I really find exciting. Like you said, one day that that someone will somehow just be there and it will feel right.


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