Dating appcapades #3 PN

PN I met on the app. Now he was way out of my league but I swiped right anyway and so did he. He was gorgeous. A man’s man, Perfect Teeth, and very fit. We started talking and met up. It was the first time that I was 100% honest about what I wanted and who I am. We told stories, confidences, we could relate to one another, and not to mention the time in the bedroom was absolutely amazing. He made me feel beautiful and wanted. We only went out in public together 4 times. We shared an affinity for superhero movies. The fourth was to a water ski show. We’re under the agreement that we weren’t official however if one of us were to see someone else we were to let the other person know. So the last time we hung out together, we went to a movie. It was his birthday. I had planned something special for his house afterwards. It included a little outfit, some food and definitely needing a shower afterwards. All throughout the movie his behavior was odd not once did he put his hand in the popcorn at the same time as I. Never put his arm around me. Barely was talking. We get out to the car afterwards and I broach the subject of going to his place and he tells me no. Now that’s the first time he’d ever said that to me. Every single time he’s called I’d always came over. And the one time that I don’t want him to say no he does. I was really disappointed. We spoke the next day and I confronted him about it. He told me it was unfair to me to sleep with me. All because he was dreaming about his ex girlfriend. Now i felt that was a load of crap. He then proceeded to tell me that I am absolutely the nicest girl he’s ever met and he couldn’t continue the relationship that we had because it wasn’t fair to me. 

So there ended that. 

Until next week: TJBW – could he really be all that I’ve searched for


Daily prompt -float


To float, on a lovely Lake of blue

To float, in my love for you

I can only float for so long

Will you ever come back for me? 
You taught me who I was again

You taught me what it was to be a true friend

The times we had together, 

I was so happy.
I wanted to stay with you and that place forever

Floating on a cloud, up in the woods, one of the most prized experiences of my life. 

You are transient, a vagabond, I understand that now

But that doesn’t change that I could have floated with you forever on that Lake of blue

Dating appcapades #2 CJ

So, it’s my first meeting off of the dating app. He seems really cool. He’s a cop so has a little bit of that bad boy mystique that I love so much. We meet at karaoke. He doesn’t sing but that’s okay with me. Had a great time talking and getting to know one another. Set up another date for the coming weekend.

The day of the date is upon us. A bunch of my friends were going to a charity Rock concert and we were going to go with. Date started out great we met there. Decided early on in the night that afterwards we were going to go back to his place. That meant I was going to leave my car at the bar and he was going to drive. Well, knowing that I could actually drink, I consumed a couple. Not drunk just happy tipsy. The next thing I know all of my friends, myself, and CJ are at the bar next door. My girlfriend who is super wasted, is ordering everybody shots. And then she tries to leave with another girl. Now normally we wouldn’t care. But the problem was is that her current girlfriend was at her house waiting for her to get home. So, the friends we all try to Wrangle her up and make sure that she doesn’t follow through with her actions. CJ is trying to help. In the midst of all this, I get a phone call from another gentleman. This happened to be a person that I wasn’t interested in dating but I was just having fun with. And being tipsy and distracted I answered the phone like an idiot. When he asked who it was, I told the truth. I wasn’t going to lie to him about it. Friend goes missing. We figured out that she left with the other person. Elsa girls are all talking outside. When I turn around to go back in, the bouncer tells me that I am not allowed. Told me I was too drunk. I told the bouncer that my date was inside and asked if I could go get him. He said okay we went inside and CJ was gone.

So my first date off of the app ended with me being tipsy, alone, and really pissed off.

We did not have another date.

Next week teaser: PN – You’re the nicest girl I’ve ever met….

Dating App escapades #1 Background

First a little background. So I have been divorced since July 2015. I decided that I want to get back on the horse and start dating again. I knew I didn’t want to meet somebody in a bar or at the super market. (I don’t think that happens often)   So, I decided to join a dating app. I won’t say what it is but it’s one of those where you swipe right swipe left to say whether or not you like a person. And then once you get a match the female has to talk first. So it kind of makes it so that it is not just a hook up site.

I joined this app in August 2016. And here are the stories from my dating escapades. Some are funny, some are sad,  and some are just downright ridiculous. I hope you enjoy my search for  mr. right .

Daily prompt: Moody

Moody… that dreaded word.  It has such a negative connotation.  You say someone is being moody it tends to means they are pissed off or being bitchy. Moodiness or mood swings affect everyone.  

Why is it that when i have mood swings in which i am in different states of euphoria or happiness i dont say I’m moody.  I don’t think i notice it as much.  Even though the littlest thing can change my mood. Isn’t that always the trigger… the littlest action?